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The breathtaking views, exotic game opportunities, and delightful staff will keep us coming back for more!

About Us

Native Hunt has been in business since 1990. Our brand is recognized and respected across the nation and we pride ourselves in offering our guests an unforgettable hunting experience. Our guests are able to spend their days in the rugged outdoors, hunting exotic game or feral wild boar, yet still be provided with luxuries and comfort that they expect while on vacation. Here at Native Hunt our focus is on our guests and we offer unique packages for all levels from the new hunter to the highly experience.

We own and have access to over 27,000 acres in Monterey and Fresno Counties to hunt on. Our primary method of hunting is spot and stalk and due to the skill of our guides we guarantee our hunters an opportunity to harvest wild game.

We offer first class lodging for our overnight guests, complete with a hot shower and delicious meals from our beautiful outdoor kitchen. While waiting for your meal you can target shoot off the deck or fish in one of the local water holes. After dinner you can sit around the fire pit, sip the beverage of your choice and reminisce about the day's events. We also offer sporting clay shooting, varmint hunting, hiking, scenic photo shoots, etc. The beauty is that each guest can choose to relax after their hunt or there are enough other activities to keep them busy for the duration of their visit with us.