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The breathtaking views, exotic game opportunities, and delightful staff will keep us coming back for more!


Native Hunt is known for its diverse variety of game animals. As the only California outfitter to offer the Pure Eurasian Boar, we attract hunting enthusiasts from around the world to experience our exotic hunts.

  1. Pure Bred Eurasian Wild Boar and Feral Wild Boar

    Pure Eurasian Wild Boar:
    As the only California Outfitter to offer Pure Eurasian Wild Boar, we provide an unmatched opportunity to interact with a truly a splendid animal. They are a sight to behold as their wild nature and genetic differences are immediately apparent. Ranging in solid colors from deep red, silver gray, blond to charcoal and with silvery guard bristles and their superbly long snout, short tail, heavy front end and low slung with narrow hind quarters, they are quite different from typical feral swine.

    Feral Wild Boar:
    A Feral Hog by definition is a domestic/Eurasian crossbreed. Our property offers some key summer habitat, with year-round water sources and plenty of food to grow and nurture healthy animals. We have a wide variety of Feral Boar from an abundance of piglets (next years harvest), to large meat only animals, to trophy boars. Our typical Feral Wild Boar are both challenging and exciting.

  2. Bison and Ram

    American Bison:
    At one time the American Bison could be found in most of the United States, Canada and parts of Mexico, but now, wild populations are very limited. At Native Hunt we offer you the experience of hunting these powerful creatures. Our American Bison can be up to six feet from hoof to shoulder and weigh between 700-2000 pounds.

    Jacobs Rams:
    Perhaps our most unique Ram at Native Hunt is the Jacob. Also kjnown as "Four-Horned Rams," these animals actually have four horns with two jutting out from the top of their head and two that curl around their face. The Jacob is an ancient breed and some experts suggest that they were a common breed raised by shepherds in biblical times. This woolly sheep not only makes for an interesting mount, but its fiery personality and unique appearance has also made the Jacob Ram Hunt a popular hung among visitors to our ranch.

    Corsican Ram:
    The Corsican Ram is a hybrid sheep which is usually brown in color with horns that can vary from a curl to a spiral. If you are looking at the most bang for your buck, then the Corsican Ram is where you want to begin. While many Corsican sheep were bred into Texas Dall or Black Hawaiian sheep, there are still many varieties that are worthy of mounting and they are probably the most hunted of all exotics in the United States.

    Barbados Ram:
    The Barbados Blackbelly is an indigenous breed to Barbados. It descends from sheep brought to the islands from West Africa during the slave era. Blackbellies are "antelope like" in appearance, brown, tan or yellow in color, with black points and under-parts. Both ewes and rams have only small scurs or diminutive horns.

    Black Hawaiian:
    Named for their beautiful home in the mountains of Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Black Sheep possess a beautiful black coloring that makes them a very popular trophy animal. They have horns that grow in a spiral or circular pattern and point out and typically weight about 125-150 pounds.

  3. Deer

    As the pride and joy of Native Hunt, these beautiful and majestic deer make for a wonderful experience. With antler spreads of up to 36 inches and live weights of over 200 pounds, you will enjoy a hunt like no other.

    Black-tailed deer inhabit about 75 percent of California's wild lands in a wide variety of habitats. Native Hunt has 27,000 acres for them to breed and roam upon. The black-tailed deer obviously gets its name from its black tail. They are also characterized as the smallest and darkest deer of three deer species. Their weight usually varies, although the larger bucks may be over 140 pounds.

  4. Fowl

    A variety of fowl for hunting reside on the Native Hunt property, including Quail, Dove, Band-Tail Pigeons and Turkey. As a nice alternative to the larger game, hunting for fowl can be a very different and exciting experience. Make note of our Annual Dove Hunt that takes place in the beginning of September. If you are interested, information goes out to everyone on our email list and all our Facebook friends.

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