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When T. Michael Riddle bought the property in 1990, he had already been hunting on it for years. However, he felt that the land had been neglected and was eager to restore it to its original beauty. The previous owners allowed open hunting on the land which rapidly depleted all the wildlife.

After purchasing the property, Michael embarked upon a four-year endeavor to restore the land to its native and wild, natural beauty. He planted various native grains and plants throughout the property and nurtured the land back to health. As the quality of the land improved and open hunting was halted, the animals thrived and began to reproduce and grow. When that happened, Michael's vision of an elite hunting experience was formed. Now, Native Hunt is at its best with a beautiful landscape and a thriving wildlife population.

Michael has also gone to great lengths to maintain exotic wildlife on the Jolon property therefore offering a wide variety of animals to hunt. One of his main focuses has been on the importing of Eurasian Wild Boar. Since its inception, Native Hunt has imported approximately 400 Eurasian Wild Boar which is eight times more than the amount of wild boar imported by Mr. William Randolph Hearst himself. Michael has also brought in Bison and several varieties of wild sheep.