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The breathtaking views, exotic game opportunities, and delightful staff will keep us coming back for more!

June Hunt of the Month - The Bachelor Party

Instead of booking the typical weekend bachelor party in Vegas, best man, Carlos Molina, decided to plan a different type of wild adventure for thirteen college friends -a two-day trip to Native Hunt for everyone's first hunting experience.

wild boarTraveling from the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, the group was not sure what to expect from their trip into this wild landscape. All seven men in the group who decided to try out their skills as hunters made a kill, taking home to eat and show off a total of one ram and six boars.

Looking back, Carlos summed up the trip as being "a great bonding experience and lots of fun times." "We definitely felt like we got a real outdoor experience." According to Carlos, "the atmosphere and attitude at Native Hunt was what really made it." The group was able to be in the wilderness and still have everything they needed to have a great time: good food, campfires, and friendly staff. The roughest thing the bachelor party had to survive was their own friendly wrestling matches.

With another trip already being planned for next year, the group won't have to wait too long for more fresh game. Whether or not it will be for another bachelor party, however, is a different story. I guess we'll have to wait and see. For now, congrats to the new couple!